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(3 x 2 hours on tue-wed-fri)

by Alexandre Blocker & Sabrina Lucot

We invite you to share with you a set of ancestral Taoist practices of Qigong (energy work) and Neigong (interior work), stemming from internal martial arts.We have been practicing these arts for ten years. These practices were transmitted to us, among others, by a great Chinese master (Master Zhongxian Wu, depositary of four secret lineages of internal martial arts and of original Taoist shamanism).

These practices are powerful tools for physical healing, inner transformation and spiritual development.

It is through the nourishment of our three treasures: Jing (essence), Qi (vital energy), Shen (Spirit); that we operate inner sacred Alchemy in order to return to unity and emptiness (the Wuji).

During the MoonLodge We will offer

Fire Dragon Meridian Qigong / Introduction to Tai Chi

TianDaoGong: Practice of the way of heaven, Inner smile

Zhan Zhuang (Tree Posture Meditation)

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