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Without ever settling in a fixed exercise format, we will reverse each step of the methodology in order to open the range of possibilities. The inner experiences converge with direct sensation and listening to one’s own breath as we dance.

Our working tools:

Recognize the heartbeat to learn to pace the breath that is sounded
according to a natural musicality of the body that can be discovered little by little while we dance:

1 / learn to feel and rebuild the structure of the body.
2 / learn how to effectively manage bone joints according to their natural structure and function.
3 / guide the passage of the breath through all the meridians towards the organs and the deep muscles of the skeleton.
4 / guide the energy through the diaphragms to activate the central column of the breath in the axis of the verticality of the body between heaven and earth.

These experiences gradually evolve through a dance of the musical breath, from the posture on the ground to a vertical standing up, walking and spinning, through infinite creative possibilities.

However, group work must be adapted to the presence of the people who practice without fixing a « single method » . Participants are invited to come with an open mind that will allow them to spontaneously live the process and to allow the breath in them to manifest the deep musicality of the group.

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