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As a Bean-To-Bar producer and importer of cacao beans, the MOOJO Cacao team is pleased to offer you a series of modules. These are invitations to deepen your knowledge and understanding of cacao.
Cacao is free of any additives, it has a bitter taste and its virtues are contained in the pure bean. In the form of a paste, these 100% pure cocoa beans, contain a very significant amount of beneficial compounds for health and mood.
◢◤ Cacao Tasting is an exploration of the history, traditions, genetic origins, terroirs, benefits, manufacturing process and much more. It is a sensory journey that will allow you to learn more and understand how to integrate cocoa into your daily life and professional.
◢◤ MODULE 1 : Meeting with cacao
- The history of cacao
- The different origins and terroirs
- Tasting of cacao of singular origin
- Cacao in all its forms
- What does the ceremonial grade mean?
- The physical and energetic properties
- Cacao in all its forms.
- Synergy of spices
This is a unique opportunity to discover this incredibly complex and fascinating plant. Whether one is interested in the nuances of taste and terroir, or the more spiritual and ritual aspects of this plant.
◢◤ Next Modules:
MODULE 2: Sensory Tasting (13/05)
- Difference between cacao powder, chocolate and cacao
- How to taste cacao and chocolate
- Understanding the aromatic and taste profiles
- Understanding the energy profile
MODULE 3 : Implementation (date to be confirmed)
- Traditional preparation of ceremonial cacao
- Dosages, tasting tips
- Chocolate creations and sensory discovery
- Synergies and foodpairing
MODULE 4 : Practices and ceremonies (date to be confirmed)
- Traditions and the Spirit of cacao
- Meaning, setting up and content of a ceremony (fusion of tradition)
- Practice of the ceremony
- Body integration
The different modules are accessible to all people who want to understand, deepen and share their knowledge, as well as for professionals who wish to clarify certain subjects.
No obligation to have followed all the modules, nor pre-requisites.
(min. 6 participants)
Participation: 75 Euros
Info + registration:
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