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It's a long lasting & sustainable initiative to support local families & farmers in Lanquin (Guatemala)

MoonLodge is looking for your support to create a more sustainable way to deliver high quality product to you, our clients. In order to improve the life & working conditions of our cacao partners during this very challenging time, MoonLodge is dedicated to bring a fast answer to today's challenges through empowerement of the local community of Lanquin in Guatemala.

By securing a respectful salary, future possibilities of Organic Certification for Worldwide trade & the development of micro-loan to sustain & improve the working quality & food processing methods.

What do we offer in exchange of your support ?

Fantastic & Healthy products like Cacao, Turmeric & Ginger, Tincture, Golden Milk, Copal & Handcrafted Cacao Bags delivered to your door anywhere in the world.

You want to be part of the change ?

Order our Cacao Products, Turmeric, Golden Milk, Copal & Hand Crafted Cacao Bag and be part of the change we envision & nurture everyday!

By doing this your ensure a decent life to our partners and break the slavery way of doing cacao trade where farmers gets less than 1$ a day !




Tuqtuquilal is an Impact Center in Lanquin (Guatemala), focused on education in areas such as permaculture and reforestation. We process cacao, turmeric and other products, working with a farmers cooperative. Through our nursery we aim to reforest 52 acres of degenerated cattle pastured land and offer trees to hostels and land owners in the Lanquin area.

Tuqtuquilal is a regenerative living and learning center that transforms individuals and communities by providing education, mentorship, and replicable models for permaculture, appropriate technology, and youth leadership.

We strive to build intercultural bridges, and social and physical infrastructure for positive local impact.

The objectives of our cultural and ecological outreach projects are to empower all visitors both local and from abroad, creating regenerative economic opportunities and environmental education programs that will provide healthier living conditions, economic opportunity, and initiate lasting benefits to the local community.


● Promote and provide educational opportunities in regenerative living and holistic well­being

● Develop living model examples of regenerative development applied to food production, water, energy, and housing

● Develop harmonious relationships with surrounding communities through the distribution of appropriate technologies, support and incubation of a local seed bank, and skills transfers to local farmers, especially cacao farmers.

● Support local job creation, small business incubation & development, especially in production of appropriate technologies, organic products, and traditional crafts & medicines

● Host an international volunteer program for those wishing to give their support to the center

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