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Ady Elzam /

Movement & Improvisation

Ady Elzam (IL/BE) is a dancer, teacher and choreographer, with a deep technical background in contemporary dance, improvisation and performance. Ady believes art should challenge and inspire, both the artist as well as the spectator. As a preforming artist he’s motivated to cross borders and question the norm in relation to the audience, and its roll in art.
For many years Ady has been exploring movement dynamics in partner work, his main interest is in the communication that creates clear understanding between partners, as if no words are needed. This applies also to the relationship of the observer and the observed. As a performer he’s interested in the artist’s ability to expose oneself, evoke emotion in the audience, and the connection between the two.
Ady started dancing and preforming at age 10 in the Israeli folklore dance school "The Iris of Nazareth" .
He met modern dance in 1997, and embarked on a journey to explore the dance world until 2005 when he dedicated himself to the art of contemporary dance, improvisation and movement exploration.
He trained at the modern dance academy in Haifa and continued to dance in Vertigo Dance Company and DeDe Dance. Over the years he worked with many different choreographers such as; Ofra Idel, Elad Shecter, Matan Levkowich, Yuval Goldshtain, Sharona Floreshaim, Dafi Altabeb, to name a few.


Somatic improvisation - A journey into the unknown

Enter into the studio, move, dance, sweat, get lost. 

Enter into your somatic body, listen to the unknown, let it lead you, be lost, find your way.


Feeling the body in a somatic way means connecting to your sensations and allowing yourself

to be moved by them, agreeing with the practice of mystery and magic.  


The practice of mystery is unknown, yet you can feel it when it happens.

Taking a chance by entering into the space is the first step, what happens after that is up to the journey…


We play, we practice, we trust and we connect to our ancestral roots.



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Manou Koreman is a Brussels-based performer and yoga teacher with a deep curiosity for the intricacies of human physicality. Born in the Netherlands, she spent time working and training in New York, Berlin and London. Yoga became an anchor, a physical home base to return to in an ever shifting paradigm of performing all sorts of work.

As a performer, Manou is drawn to durational and minimalist approaches, and continually searches to push the boundaries of her endurance. This seeps through in her yoga practice. Her classes can be described as highly physical and very detailed. Drawing on a deep anatomical understanding of the body, the focus is always on finding a functional way of moving, challenging your body in a safe, supportive way. A continual, steady flow between poses allows you to enter into a meditative state.


Let’s dive into the unknown with an energizing morning practice.
We’ll start our practice by focusing on the breath before we warm up and flow through the whole body. Grounding our feet down into the floor so we can rise up and be ready for the day ahead.
The morning yoga classes are suitable for all levels - adjustments will be given for more advanced poses.


This is a playground. A space where you can dive into your body, experience your surroundings from a different perspective. Take your time, softly close your eyes, and drink it all in through your skin. Time stands still here. Leave your vision outside and feel your way through the space, other bodies, to feel the vibration of sound coming through the ground…

Manou Koreman /

Yoga Teacher . Movement Director & Performer

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