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‘The cacao bean is a phenomenon that nature has never repeated,
we have never found so many qualities combined in such a small fruit’





Cacao is an ancient healer, teaching us the way of hearts

Cacao ceremonies have been around for thousands of years, dating back to Mayan and Aztec traditions used for spiritual, medicinal and ceremonial purposes for inner awakening and creative guidance.

Pure cacao is used as a sacred plant of heart opening, revelation and inner healing. We practice cacao as a medicinal ritual where intentions are set.

Cacao is often used to change our perspective, allowing us to recognize and let go of repeated patterns, to release energy blocks and what no longer serves us.

Cacao gives a burst of energy that helps us to concentrate and improve our memory. A great stimulant of creativity and a facilitator of deep inner meditation.


Ground, balance and materialize the invisible into form.
Give gratitude, realign our vision, be honest with ourselves and crack our illusions.

The Cacao Ritual invites us to clear away the stagnant energy we have around us.

As humans, we meander in life between chaos and order, among what is happening inside and outside of us.

We can take action by guiding ourselves & others to define a space that centers us.


 This opportunity bring us to that space where we can recharge and reconnect.

A Ritual is a moment of presence to our inner core.

It follows a simple axis : intention, attention and repetition!


This medicinal plant helps us to quiet the mind and open the Heart.
From an open heart arises consciousness,

the touch become more vibrant, ecstatic.

This thrill refines our awareness of space, it brings our beings closer to


Opening to the plant medicine’s worlds teach us how to hold the space.
In this heightened state, we will explore this new quality of awareness,
creativity, and share this through the collective with music and movement.


Over the course of two months, you will cultivate your personal relationship with cacao. The first two sessions are dedicated to a transmission of information and advice, as well as practices and an invitation to define your interests for this Medicine Plant. How you wish to integrate it into your life and/or activity, and develop your own concept of Ceremony Facilitator.

On the third date, you are invited to co-create a group ceremony and practice your practice in Moonlodge eventsThis allows you to solidify your skills, gain confidence, experiment while benefiting from the support of the group and the initiator.



∞ Discover the history of Cacao, its use, its physical properties (nutritional, hormonal, antioxidant etc. ...) and energetic (anchoring, opening, communion, Heart chakra)

∞ The synergy of spices: ingredients for the preparation of Ceremonial Cacao

∞ Cacao in all its forms: from the bean to the tree, the products available to us
Learn more about the different origins,....

∞ Learn more about the Traditions and the Spirit of Cacao

∞ Understand what a Ceremony is, why and how to set it up (fusion of traditions)

∞ Practice of the Ceremony: awareness of the Directions and the Elements
(air, fire, earth and water)

∞ Body integration: Movement, dance, singing, meditation, ...




∞ You will receive 1 kilo of Ceremonial Cacao to explore and cultivate your personal relationship outside of the sessions

∞ The facilitator program will be limited to a maximum of 12 people
(with a minimum of 6 participants)

∞ A fee of 300€ will be required to cover the entire cycle,
the ceremony and the Ceremonial Cacao

It is with joy that I invite you to initiate yourself and to meet other people with common interests and varied activities. To take advantage of a welcoming and reassuring environment, in order to reinforce your feeling of legitimacy and to find the right place for this Medicine and its ritual aspect within the services that you already offer or as a concept in its own right.


- WHEN -

25/03 - 1pm till 5pm

01/04 - 1pm till 5pm

22/04- 5pm till 11pm

06/05- 1pm till 4pm

The facilitator program will be limited to 12 persons and guided

by Mounia Ben Haddou

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