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26.11.2021 - 28.11.2021













Passeur de Son | Multi-Instrumentalist Musician | Songwriter | Music Composer  Music Teacher | Artistic Coach 
Music Therapist


Creativity & Intuition at the heart of Composition and Improvisation - Workshop (2 x 4 hours)

Composing your own pieces from start to finish collectively or individually is often
a huge challenge, a source of pleasure, joy or pride for everyone, whether it is
a thoughtful and structured or more improvised way.
But it's not always so easy to consider it when you don't necessarily know how
nest things, where to start or which direction to take next to get there

Each creation is unique and can open the doors to new universes at any time.
unsuspected, and there are a thousand paths to walk them.
I suggest you discover one of these through my musical universe ...

This residential workshop aims to introduce you, in contact with some of my
favorite instruments (Guitar, Bass, Handpan, Udu ...), one of my methods of
personal musical composition, inspired by nature, the exploration of silence and noise, of
development of creativity and acoustic intuition through listening to the senses,
emotions, intentions ... in the service of a rich, narrative musical expression language, which looks like ; all shared with passion and authenticity.

The idea is that it can inspire you to create your own personal compositions
or group, by understanding the fundamental stages of composition that I do
call, that it is in connection with the acoustic and vibratory theories of the sound, harmonics, melodic, basic rhythmic and orchestral, but also closely related to your creativity, sensitivity your personalities, your own musical languages ​​and whatever your instrument (s).

You will also discover through the synergy of the group and collective emulation, depending on the level
and musical sensibilities of each ...

... how to easily develop and vary your rhythms and melodies to integrate them into a
original composition.

... how and why to combine other sounds and / or other instruments or objects that you
surround to improve the quality and uniqueness of your songs, your originality and your

... how to add only what really serves the composition, or remove what only adds too much little.

... how to develop your ideas and creativity in relation to your sensibilities and intentions
... which makes it structurally, melodically and rhythmically an interesting and
lively, relaxing ...

... how to make the world around you your own instrument

... how to direct your emotions and intentions in connection with your musical playing

... and above all, how to take as much pleasure as I do in composing as in playing

Ex 1: You have never approached the musical composition, it scares you perhaps because ofmusical theories and / or practices that you find off-putting, or that you may be struggling with to find in you or around you the ideal connecting elements to achieve this.

Ex 2: You like to play and improvise with your musical instrument (s) and wish to discover
in synergy with other musicians the possibilities that open to you in terms of composition
group or individual musical, approaching world music on different facets in
link to nature, intuition, creativity, emotions and intentions that surround us and us

Ex 3: You want to improve the quality of listening, the creativity of your ideas, your textures
sound, learn to structure ideas to finalize a song in your image thanks to
specific technical and practical approaches.

Ex 4: You already know the composition and the musical production and wish to go even more far thanks to new discoveries directly in emulation with others, to discover new
universe, new alternative approaches or tips related to composition or improvisation,
in order to further improve the quality and originality of your productions in an exchange and a sharing of knowledge and of what represents you artistically.

There are many possibilities depending on demand and the number of participants so
do not hesitate to contact us to book, these workshops are a great opportunity to share
and harmonic and cultural interaction around music.



* Introduction :

- The Individual at the heart of his music
- Resonance by sympathy and natural tuning
- The Voice and the Ear as a natural tuning
- The Individual, continuous vibratory antenna
- The Human Being, Sacred Temple and Sound Cathedral

- Musical cultures and the wealth of crossbreeding
- The sound vibration actress on the material
- Sound vibration, vehicle of subtle information
- Travel and Curiosity as an asset
- Music between Right Brain & Left Brain
- The musical instrument, an extension of body and mind

* Inspiration beyond Sound :

- The materials of natural elements as a ground for musical exploration (Earth-Water-Fire-Air-Wood-Metal)
- Beyond the limits of the Field of auditory perception
- The Exploration of Noise & Silence to discover the unaudible
- Nature as a tool for contemplation and Musical Inspiration: Sound effects and singing of natural elements
- The 4 dimensions of Being and the musical spectrum
- Sound components: direction, intensity, pitch / pitch note, timbre, time, space, harmonics
- Sound modifications: adsr envelope, noise, filter, reverberation and panning, effects, acoustics.
- Meaning without the senses

* Composition & Arrangement

- Music as the first language: Narration & Sound Climax
- The intention of the Global Tone: Link to the subtle / energy, chakras
- Musical and stylistic references
- Sound textures: Choice of timbres (mixtures and interbreeding)
- The Call of the melody by the Song (Vice-versa)
- The Inner Song
- The Equilibrium of the Frequency Spectrum: Tessitura and Distribution
- Dance as a rhythmic movement
- The Pulsation and the beating of the Heart
- Basic rhythmic structure and patterns: Le Couple Drums Beat & Bass line
- The power of the Melodic line (theme)
- Melodic structure
- Overall structure and Grid: Intro / Verse / Chorus / Bridge, grid, Part A-B-C / Chorus / Turn Around
- Harmonic structure & chord progression
- Evolution of the Structure: Substitution, Modulation
- Notions of voltages / Harmonic Resolutions (sus2-4, alterations 9-11-13 # / b)
- Tonal or vertical improvisation

- Modal improvisation
- Hybrid improvisation
- The in-live pre-mix deep in the audio space



Handpan (4hours workshops on tuesday) / Udu (On Request)

You are attracted by the timbre of the tone of the Handpan to the point that it puts you in all your states?

Have you acquired one of these wonderful instruments a short time ago or maybe you already play it? since a while?
Would you like to learn more about this fabulous instrument?

We suggest you take a specialized course (in a limited group and by level) for you
familiarize yourself with it and tackle the scales you use, the rhythm, the melody
in an intuitive and progressive approach based on harmonic and practical principles
concrete rhythms.

We will give you interesting tools to allow you to develop through it
all the creativity of your musical game allowing improvisation in a more interior listening,
to develop your own techniques by making the world around you also your own
instrument, access to your musical sense through your emotions, as well as learning to
structure your own ideas and rhythmic themes on melodies that suit you.

Udu & Handpan individual course are at the price of 30€/h

Handpan Workshops will be given by Olive and Benny Bettane

We have Udu's available, as for Handpan's you will need to cover the rental cost if you don't have yours...



About Benny Bettane

Benny Bettane is an Australian handpan player, composer and multi-instrumentalist. He is an international solo performer based in Italy, with performances spanning throughout Europe and North America.


Benny is a pioneer of handpan composition and performance. He explores the creative bounds of his instrument through new fusion collaborations with musicians in multiple genres, including world music, jazz, funk, electronic music, and rap.


Benny is additionally a sound-healer. His collaborations with yogis and spiritual teachers worldwide have earned him a reputation as a handpan musician with a healing gift.


For information and bookings please contact




"OLIVE" is a Belgian multi-instrumentalist and composer.

The musical style of his current project "Holistic & Intuitive music", is marked by his musical journey, who's been influenced by his jazz training at the conservatory, improvised music,  healing music and his travels between Belgium, Paris and Reunion Island.


It emanates a melodic music, punctuated by the vibrations of handpans, Udu's and other world instruments which invites you to inner travel to a soft and colourfull atmosphere.

For information and reservations, please contact





2x 2hours workshops

The yoga of sound, a psycho-bodily practice that engages

our whole being:

from child to adult, from tears to laughter, from tensions to ecstasies.
Through the song of mother sounds (vowels heard in all peoples),
we will explore in order to connect high and low, feminine-masculine, soul and body, interior dimension and manifestation.


The goal is not to sing well,
but to seek the vibration, to let oneself feel and

welcome what is there.

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