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Heart Opening

Rose Cacao Elixir

Rose and cacao is a beautiful combination that has a very rounded, soft flavor and a heart-opening effect.



  • 15g of ceremonial cacao (you can put more if you prefer a stronger dose

  • 1 cup (about 300ml) of Rose tea prepared upfront (Infuse rose petals for 10 min in hot water)

  • Sweetener of your choice (raw honey, coconut sugar,…)
    Use less or more depending on your taste. Traditionally ceremonial cacao is served without sweetener at all)

  • A pinch of salt (Himalayan)

  • Optional: add rose petals on top


Let the cacao melt in the rose tea while stirring constantly. (don’t heat the cacao above 65 degrees so that it preserves all the nutrients)
Ad the salt and optional sweetener
Use a milk frotter or whisk to foam

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