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Accompagnement Psycho-Corporel & Danse
Massothérapeute / Cycle Féminin



I embody my role as a woman by exploring with great curiosity my inner worlds,

discovering all my facets, that of sister, daughter, wife, mother, wolf, little girl, wild woman, godmother, aunt, witch, dancer, musician, magician, traveler, cook, gardener, healer, ...

My path as a therapist stems from a personal quest.
Through my life experiences, I have come closer to my intuition.

It was by discovering my creative power that I understood how beautiful humans are, in all their nature.

The magic of life is no accident, it is graceful and straightforward.

The integration of certain painful processes gave me a magnificent treasure,

that of accepting myself as I am.

I walk step by step towards the center of my being with gentleness and determination.

The teachings (trainings, internships, workshops, self-taught, ...),
alternative medicine, plants, food, dance, bodily practices, music,
have accompanied me for many years and teach me to see with the heart.

It is through touch, dialogue and intuitive listening
of the body that I speak to being.

From these results a new dynamic, letting circulate
freely the energy which reveals itself to itself.

This inner journey is the opportunity to meet you,
nourished by the bond that inhabit us.


Sessions in French, Dutch or English

Millennial analog science, is an approach to self-knowledge that combines precision and depth Its vast world will offer us serious exploration tools. Through it we will approach your Natal Chart, Forecast Transits, Lunar Nodes, Progressive Moon, Primary & Mythological Archetypes, Chiron & The Black Moon.

Chi Nei Tsang is a belly massage technique that aims to release concentrated energies in the abdomen and harmonize your emotions

A dynamic, global and
in-depth massage for mental relaxation, drainage of the body by working on reflex points



A full meditative massage
aimed at relaxation and the elimination of tension.
It is made up of large enveloping movements
and unifying

Let's create hydrosols & floral waters together for your daily use

Whether by a subtle work with the vibration of your plants, for cosmetic use or any other need

We will distill with your own picking or, depending on the period, with Rose, Jasmine, Sage, Elder, Lilac or even Lavender from our garden







Mounia Ben Haddou is a Belgo/Moroccan artist with a passion for body expression, creativity and social gatherings.

She believes that movement is a deep form of self-expression through which we develop the ability to communicate in a universal language. This language goes beyond the mental knowledge, it’s a sensitive dialogue with ourselves and other souls.

Every time we move, we leave a print in the universal memory, it creates an echo that only the body captures. Imagine the subtlety of the influence it provides on organic actions, sensorial experiences and dynamics. 

Mounia wants to use movement as a social connector, a bridge between different cultures, genders, ages, traditions, physical abilities,…

She keeps on refining her technical contemporary skills and following her own artistic vision. She develops her knowledge in dance exploration and therapies in which she promotes awareness and refinement of the body, self-expression and relationships with others.


She was trained and accompanied by different teachers that still inspire and mesmerize her as: Carolina Fonseca, Yumma Mudra (Danza Duende), Raji Chorésophe, Illian Rivère, Yaara Dolev (GaGa), Anika (Tribal Voodoo), Ady Elzam,…

She’s an active member of BALAM – Improvisation and Contemporary dance Collective – Liège


She created a non-profit organization called ‘MoonLodge’ in which

she can expand her passion for social and creative projects.

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