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Cacao, known as "medicine of the heart" or "food of the gods" is a sacred plant, present in many indigenous cultures. It is consumed in rituals by the indigenous tribes of Central and South America.

Loaded with magnesium, theobromine and incredible molecules that help relax the body and mind while giving energy and a sense of happiness and deep connection to the living.
This ceremony is a journey into the land of the 4 elements (air, fire, earth and water)
guided by the vibrant presence of cacao.

From this present state we will explore this new quality of being, awakening our creativity and sharing it through collective intention, through different practices such as meditation, breathwork, dance, music, breath, movement ....

This space allows us to connect with each other in new ways, it is an opportunity to reconnect with ancient parts of ourselves that remember the simple power of gathering in community.

An exploration of consciousness guided by our hearts and the gentle intensity of cacao ❤



Participation: 40 Euros

Info's & Registration :





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